Grant Lamothe: About Me.

As stated on my homepage and in my video, I'm a senior technical writer/technical illustrator/designer who retired a short time ago from doing those things full time in the corporate world. Now I'd like to continue doing those same things part time or intermittently full time as an independent contractor.

I have an academic background in Engineering, English and Art (Degree in Engineering with intensive coursework in writing, technical drawing and art) and have work experience dating back to the 70's in technical writing, technical illustrating and marketing writing and graphics.

For the last 20+ years I've been employed full time, either as an employee for companies where I was usually the whole publishing department -doing most of the writing, illustrating and document design and layout as well as taking care of the website, or working as a consultant providing writing/editing, illustration, design and website services.

As both a writer and illustrator with a technical background, I can effectively describe a product with words or pictures (or both). I readily understand technical concepts and enjoy learning about new products and processes. I'm up-to-date with the tools of my profession and I'm able to learn about my client's products and services and produce quality print or online documentation quickly and effectively.


I've produced a wide range of technical writing and illustration for corporations and businesses in fields as diverse as aerospace, electronics, computer software and various consumer products. Also, I've produced illustrations and graphics for ilustration/graphic studios and ad/graphic agencies, as well as brochures, manuals and guides, logos, identity and promotional materials for a wide variety of clients. Work samples are shown on this website.

I'm an energetic self-starter, and I'm used to tight deadlines. I'm open to all types of clients and I particularly invite the smaller business, to whom I could provide a range of services as needed. Local clients (Vancouver, BC area) are preferred, but I can provide services to other clients within reach of the Internet. I use both the Mac and PC. Resume available upon request.


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