Graphic Design.

In addition to technical writing and technical illustrating, I have a background in graphic design and production.


I've spent some years working for advertising/graphic agencies exclusively as a graphics production artist. There, I was involved in design, illustration and typography for advertising and markering material for some highly visible companies. This was during the late '80s - early 90's when computers had become the benchmark method of producing graphics.


Graphics for marketing and advertising has been a part of other jobs I've had since then as an employee. Though I was officially the company's technical writer/illustrator, I also designed and produced marketing and promotional material such as brochures, ads, catalogs, logos, etc. when needed.

I've also designed and produced a wide variety of marketing graphics, both for online and print applications, as a consultant. This has included not only promotional material, but also business/corporate identity material such as logos and the generation and enhancement of digital photography.



For producing graphics I work primarily in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop both on the Mac and PC. I'm also familiar with other graphics programs like CorelDraw and QuarkXpress.

See Identity for more on identity material or Photo Enhancement for more on digital photo enhancement using Photoshop.

See Portfolio for some examples of graphics I've produced.

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