Graphic Design: Corporate/Business Identity.

Some of my business graphics backgound has been designing and producing material which creates and reinforces corporate/business identity such as logos, business cards, signage, packaging, stationery, forms and the like for both print and website use.


It is important that a business, no matter what size, has an identity in order for it to attain visibility and recognizability. It is vital that people know the business exists, and that they remember the business's name and associate it with the business's core product or service when they are in the marketplace for that product or service. That's what corporate/business identity provides.


Effective corporate/business identity begins with a logo. The logo should express the mission statement of a business with a simple, recognizable visual form that will be remembered and associated with the business. I strive to design logos so they are clean and expressive, and also have an element of timelessness: they will still be recognizable years after their creation.


If your business or company needs to create an identity or needs a logo or some other type of printed or online identity material, contact me.

See Portfolio for some examples of logos I've produced.

logo card and form
logo and catalog