Graphic Design: Digital Photo Enhancement.

I am proficient in Photoshop, the Design Industry Standard image editing software. ('Photoshop' is even listed in the Merriam-Webste Dictionary as a word meaning 'to alter as a digital image with computer software'.) I've used it since the days of Photoshop 1.0 in the early 90's.

I use Photoshop to digitally edit, manipuate and enhance images and also to digitally create them. For example: shown at the lower right is a photo image created in Photoshop and subsequently used for the cover of a brochure. The image was created by digitally combining and modifying elements from the several existing photo images that are shown above it.


I can use Photoshop to alter or optimize the appearance of a photo image for print or for online use. On all the websites I've worked on, and on most of the print documents I've worked on since the 90's which included pictures, I've used Photoshop extensively.


Some 'photoshopping' tasks I can do:

-optimizing color/brightness/focus;
-removing unwanted elements;
-cropping out background;
-adding new elements;
-scanning a photo and creating an enhanced version.

If you have a photoshopping task large or small, contact me.


photo created inphotoshop