Website Design.

For much of the last decade, my work has included website design and maintenance. Part of my job assignment at my last full time employer of more than 7 years was involvement in the design and content origination and management for their corporate website. I have also, as a contractor, designed and revised websites for a variety of clients.


Although I have created websites by hand-coding in html, I generally use Dreamweaver, a very powerful application, to create websites. (I'm familiar with, and have used, other website creation tools as well.) I use Photoshop and Illustrator to create or enhance the photos and graphics. If animation is to be included in the website, I can create it in Flash.

Websites, above all else, are vehicles for presenting information. I strive to make a website not only attractive but also functional: clear and organized so it is easy to get the message and find the information.


My websites also include search engine optimization (SEO), meaning they will appear high on the results list when a search is done on the common search engines. (This is, arguably, the most effective way of a website reaching its intended audience.) For example, this site,, appears near the top of the first page of all Google results when you do a search for 'technical writer/illustrator'.



For website clients, I can provide design and graphics for the website as well as copy editing when requested. I can also provide domain name registration, website hosting, website maintenance and access to video and photography. If you're thinking of a new website -or improving an existing one, let me provide a quote.

See Portfolio for examples of some of the websites I've designed and maintained.